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What is Body Sugaring?

Body Sugaring is a 100% natural & extremely effective way to remove unwanted hair from the body. 
Sugaring was originally an Ancient Egyptian form of hair removal. The paste is made from all natural ingredients. It is applied warm to the skin against the direction of the hair growth and is removed in the direction of the hair growth. 
The technique used for sugaring involves a gloved hand and the sugar does not require strips. The sugar does not adhere to live skin cells and therefore is a great method of exoliation as well as hair removal. 
We focus on removing hair at the anagen stage of regrowth which means...We only require hair to be 1/8 of an inch or less for removal. Removing hair consistently at 1/8 of an inch or less can lead to permanency! 




Why Sugar?

  • Sugar Paste is made with natural ingredients

  • Sugar can remove hair up to 1/8 of an inch or less

  • Sugar does not adhere to live skin cells

  • Sugar removes hair with the direction of growth easing the hair out resulting in the whole hair being removed intact

  • Sugaring exfoliates the skin leaving you feeling smooth and glowing after your treatment

  • The high concentration of sugar eliminates bacteria. The sugar is never put back into the jar. Once it has been used, the glove and the sugar are disposed
  • Wax contains chemicals and resins that are harsh on the skin
  • ​Waxing requires hair to be longer for removal 

  • Wax can attach to and remove live skin cells. It cannot be applied more than twice to an area

  • When you wax or shave you remove the hair opposite the direction of growth. This often causes breakage leading to ingrown hairs, irritation and discomfort

  • Wax is heated to a high temerature and can burn the skin leaving you itchy, red, and uncomfortable

  • Bacteria can breed inside a waxing jar.The same wax jar is used and dipped over and over again for each strip


  • Hair should be the length of a grain of rice or an eyelash

  • Please not not use creams, lotion, or oils 24 hours prior to appointment. 

  • ​Please do not exfoliate the day before, of, or after your treatment
  • Please avoid sun exposure before your appointment- Sunburnt skin cannot be sugared.

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  • Avoid using scented products such as perfume soaps or lotions for 24 hrs after your appointment

  • For best results, soak in a warm sea salt bath for 20 mins the day of your treatment (with the exception of facial treatments). If you do not have the option to soak, fill a spray bottle with water and sea salt and lightly spritz the area

  • Avoid direct heat after your treatment i.e. suntanning or hot baths

  • Avoid exercising directly after your treatment

  • After a few days, skin may need to be lightly and gently exfoliated over the next few weeks to help prevent bumps or ingrowns.